Nvidia Easter Egg

Opened up task manager and saw my video card driver running this process in the background: I chuckled.

Pokemon FireRed progress

Currently at Lavender town, just finished Pokemon Tower (the one filled with gastly and requires a silph scope to identify). Next stop is Silph Co @ Saffron city.     Current team lineup: Raichu to deal with flying and water, gyarados to deal with rock and ground, kadabra for poison and fighting, hitmonlee for normal, dugtrio for…

Development snapshot

Some screenshot of my new game in development: SubHunter. It’s a classically themed arcade game. I will publish the game to Kongregate first, then consider making a landscape version for the mobiles.   Slicing the sprites using “multiple” to ensure a more accurate definition of the edges.    

Used cars with best value

All money value is in approximate Canadian dollars. At around 4-5 years old Chevrolet Malibu (10k) Chevrolet Impala (10k) Ford Fusion (10k) Chrysler 200 (10k) Lincoln MKS (15k) Lincoln MKZ (14k) Cadillac CTS (17k) Hyundai Genesis (16k) Buick Lacrosse (13k) Buick Regal (12k) At around 2 years old Chrysler 300 (20k) A car’s value is usually at…

Return to college

School starts on Sep. 6 after Labour Day. I’m looking forward to the first badminton tryout @ Newnham campus this Tuesday. Not sure if I can make it though; heard the players are quite tough. This international student from China named Wen Chao Shi just handily won OCAA and Toronto Open last year, beating out Canada’s men’s singles…