Running Fedora using Oracle VM VirtualBox

I ran Fedora OS using Oracle’s VM VirtualBox today, as part of the requirements for my ULI101 assignment. I ran into some trouble midway due to my Fedora failing to boot, displaying the error message that my Fedora is incompatible with my CPU type. I figured that this problem is caused by trying to mount a 64 bit copy using 32 bit Fedora option in the VirtualBox.

So I went back to look for 64 bit options in VirtualBox’s dropdown list – there was none. I went for a little search online for the solution to this problem.

Turns out that the default CPU virtualization technology is turned off for a new machine. So I followed the instructions and ventured into BIOS, found the Intel Virtualization Technology button, and enabled the feature. Ta-da~ The 64 bit Fedora option showed up in the VirtualBox, and the image mounting is a success.


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