New phone

I went to Apple at Markville Mall today to get a new iPhone 6. Since iPhone7 came out, the prices of iPhone 6 and 6s have dropped quite a bit. I was asking for a refurbished one at first, but they said they don’t carry around those in stores, so I went ahead and grabbed a new one. Silver, 64gbs.

My impression after first usage is how smooth the touch is, and how well the classic mobile games run on this little device. The game Rolling Sky, for example, lags from time to time on my old Android tablet, but runs seamlessly on the iPhone.

Purchasing an iPhone serves two purposes for me:

  1. To replace my four years old HTC 8x Windows 8 Phone, which I must say still runs very well after 4 years with no signs of slowing down. If only there are more apps designed for the Windows Phone market…
  2. It serves as a test device for my upcoming IOS titles. My next step is to get a MacBook Pro that can run Unity3d. Only Unity3d on Macs can compile and publish to Apple’s App Store.

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