Published SubHunter

After a long delay, I have finally published my long completed game – SubHunter. It is an classic arcade shooter, where you control a warship and hunt down enemy submarines! Here is the link: SubHunter on Kongregate Advertisements

Running Fedora using Oracle VM VirtualBox

I ran Fedora OS using Oracle’s VM VirtualBox today, as part of the requirements for my ULI101 assignment. I ran into some trouble midway due to my Fedora failing to boot, displaying the error message that my Fedora is incompatible with my CPU type. I figured that this problem is caused by trying to mount a 64 bit copy using 32…

How to fix unresponsive car key fob

The lock and unlock door functions on my key fob have been lagging for quite some time now. I have to press either function for about 5 seconds before the car receives the signal and performs the command. I changed the battery a while back, it sped up a little bit, but went back to the…

Vim Adventures

I found a new mini game that helps you practice with text editing using the Vim Editor! Go on Google, type in Vim Adventures, and click on the first link. I found out later that to unlock level 3 and onward requires a substantial cost of $25.

Upgraded Windows 10

I’m not sure if you have noticed that in my previous posts, whenever I took a screenshot from my PC, there’s a little “Activate Your Windows” icon at the bottom right corner. That is because when I purchased this desktop, the copy of Windows 10 that was included in the box did not come with…

Soda Dungeon

Found a pretty fun dungeon crawling game to play on mobile, it’s called soda dungeon. Check it out.

Got Rid of Ants

The ants are finally gone for good. Turns out the honey yuja tea I spilled on my keyboard earlier was their source of food. I took my time yesterday to wipe down all surfaces of my desk and the floor underneath, effectively killing all ant trails and food remnants. I haven’t seen a single one…

Badminton Tryout

I only made Seneca College’s varsity badminton team as a substitute… pretty much. What a big disappointment. Oh well, at least I get to train with the team for the semester and improve on my stamina and techniques; I also don’t have to worry about managing conflicts between tournaments and exams/classes because I probably won’t be…


Ordered a cake for my girlfriend’s birthday! Here it is, a yellow pikachu fruit cake.

Pokemon Go

Downloaded Pokemon go on my iPhone. One thing I noticed is that sometimes the gps cannot determine where I am exactly. As a result, my character moves constantly as if I’m always on the move. This tends to make the eggs hatch faster though. I just hit level 5 and joined team valour (red).

New phone

I went to Apple at Markville Mall today to get a new iPhone 6. Since iPhone7 came out, the prices of iPhone 6 and 6s have dropped quite a bit. I was asking for a refurbished one at first, but they said they don’t carry around those in stores, so I went ahead and grabbed a…

Ant Exterminator

A while ago I spilled some honey/yuja tea in my room – some on the keyboard and some on the floor. Since then, I noticed a dramatic increase of number of ants on my floor. I’m not a fan of killing insects, but I had to do something about them because I could always see a few crawling…